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What I loved about Sensaria

It is hard to talk about Sensaria in the past tense but that is the reality. They are gone and I am sad I lost a lot of my favorite products. At least I stocked up on the ones I really can't go without! They closed their business while I was on vacation in Sweden but now that I am home and recovered from my jet lag, I have been researching other skin care companies like crazy! I have been reading and watching where other reps have gone so I had a good list to start with. Also, I have mostly focused on skin care as that was one of my main loves. I figured I could find a lotion, body wash and body scrub much easier than a good skin care line. I am done with my rigorous testing of many different product lines and found one that I really like. Before I go into why I like that company and their products, I feel it is necessary to explain why I loved Sensaria so here we go!

However, maybe I should go back a little further first? I was blessed to have been introduced to some good skin care in my teens as I started out with using Clinique. It was great for my skin at the time and established a good foundation for me. However, when I went to college it wasn't always in my budget so I tried other things. I even sold Mary Kay for a short while too but that ended up irritating my skin after a while so I stopped selling it. I don't remember having problems with bad acne in my teens but there certainly was a problem with breakouts like any normal teen I suppose. I do remember having oily skin. I know my acne problems developed as I got older and especially flared up when I had kids. In my mid-20's, it was bad enough that I tried Proactive but that didn't last long as it was too harsh on my skin. I ended up settling on Origins for a few years before I tried Sensaria. I liked that they were sort of natural and stuff smelled good and it also seemed to work well for my skin too.

So, I was in my early 30's when a friend invited me to my first Sensaria spa party. I had never heard of them nor did I know what exactly a "spa party" was. My friend told me we were going to get pampered, soak our feet and drink some wine. That was all I needed to know! I ended up going with very little expectations and was very pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. I really loved the mango body butter and the skin care which really shocked me! I couldn't stop touching my face as it felt so soft. I think my husband thought I was a bit crazy for asking if he could feel a difference too. I ended up trading parties with this friend for about 2 years before I decided to join Sensaria and sell the products myself.

That was 5 years ago and I still love the products. I loved the way the skin care products smelled and how soft they made my skin feel. I loved the Citrus Cleaner and it was one item that could do so much! I could use on everything from blood and ink stains to washing windows and veggies. I even did my laundry with it! I loved how the body butter was never greasy or sticky and hydrated my skin all day. I loved the Nourishing Moisturizer and how it helped my son's eczema. I loved the mango, coconut and rosemary mint scents. I miss that sweet orange scent too that they had for a while. It was the best shampoo & conditioner until they discontinued it. I loved the Sweet & Smooth body scrub because of that orange scent and it was great to shave with. You get to exfoliate with the sugar and salt and then shave with the remaining oil. I loved the Optimize Eye Serum for getting rid of any puffiness and dark circles. I loved the Men's Face Scrub as it was sort of citrus-y and foamed so it cleaned and exfoliated at the same time! I also loved the Microdermabrasion scrub too as it was the gentlest scrub I have ever used and it made my skin so soft. I loved the foot scrub too as it was so minty and fresh and it made my feet feel great too.

Honestly, I could go on and on and on about what I loved. However, since I focused mainly on skin care during my search maybe I should tell you exactly what I used so maybe you can get a better idea of what all the other companies had to compare with? Here goes!

- Balancing Cleanser (PM ~ I felt it took off my makeup better)
- Mineral Genesis Cleanser (AM)
- Mineral Genesis Conditioning Mist (AM/PM)
- Optimize Eye Serum (AM)
- Line Diminisher (AM ~ even though it was discontinued, I still love it)
- SPF 28 (AM)
- Night Cream (PM)
- Mineral Genesis Gold (AM/PM)

Also, every other day or so I would exfoliate with either the Men's Face Scrub or Microdermabrasion depending on what I felt like. I also tried to mask with the Sea Silk Mask in between the days I scrub but I fell out of habit with it and used it about once a week. So, I think that about covers it!


Jennifer T April 10, 2015 3:52 AM  

What are you using now for dark circles and puffiness under your eyes?

Monica April 12, 2015 4:39 PM  

I am using Mary Kay. I still miss the Sensaria product though!

Raina Saastad April 10, 2016 1:54 PM  

I am looking for one of the home fragrance oils from sensaria. It had a vanilla undertone...anybody have any idea what may come close?! It was heavenly!


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