Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Even more research!

I swear this list never seems to end! I was barely through my second week of trying new product lines. It was so crazy that it is no wonder my head was starting to spin! Here goes the final four lines...

First up was Noevir which to be fair I only tested one product because I had picked up a free sample at one of the many events I did last year. The sample was the Quick Recovery Mask which I tried one day in the shower. This is supposed to cleanse, mask and exfoliate. It smelled ok so I slathered it on my face then let it sit and do it's job. It did feel heavy and perhaps made for people with dry skin? It also reminded me of when I used to play with my grandmother's makeup. She used to use some sort of cold cream and some Shiseido products and this is what this mask reminded me of. It also started to sting my eyes. I now see that you are supposed to avoid the eyes (which I did) but when I was rinsing some got in there anyway. It must have been the menthol or eucalyptus which is probably why I liked the smell. However, I really didn't care for how it felt on my face. I just wasn't wowed by this product and for $52 I better feel some wow. I didn't so I moved on.

Next up was NouVara which a friend of mine recommended to me. She recently joined this company and knows the owners of the company so she really believes in this company. However, it is a brand new company which concerned me. They also only had a skin care line available which was not very big. They do have plans for more products but this is the one they launched with. This company was looked at by the Sensaria leaders ... or at least I think so since there is another company with a similar name with very few products in their line. I did like the fact that the samples came with a personal letter to me explaining a bit about the company and the products. They also sent a good amount to sample. The products were nice and I liked the smell of it all. They did recommend that I try it for a week or two before I see dramatic results. I just couldn't wait that long but I did try it for a few days. Unfortunately, I was already wowed by the Beauty Society products so if that hadn't happened maybe I would have stuck with it more. I also saw the high prices and the comp plan didn't excite me so again I moved on.

The next line I tried was from BeautiControl and I agreed to try it since the lady contacted me from an online forum I have been a member of for a few years now. I had tried some of their makeup a few years ago and it was just okay for me. Since I never tried their skin care I thought I would give it a try. She sent me quite a few samples to try but I just tried their SPA line products. Their products smelled good and were reasonably priced but the line left my skin feeling a bit tight after using it. They did have these really neat skin sensors that you just touch to your face and it tells you what products to use on your skin type. It wasn't news to me to see that I had combination skin with lots of oil in the t-zone. It was a long survey to tell me what I already knew. Still, I thought it was interesting! I looked through the catalog and it looked kind of Avon-esque to me and since the products didn't wow me ... I moved on.

Last up was a line that many Sensaria reps were raving about which was Lemongrass Spa. It wasn't on the leaders list to consider but there was a whole group of reps in Florida who fell in love. I had my doubts as I sampled just a few items at the Jordan Essentials party and it seemed very similar to JE. I got the travel facial care set for normal skin. I didn't like the smell of the cleanser, toner, or moisturizer. I did like the pomegranate mask and face polish but I really don't like the feel of jojoba beads which have been used in some other products I tried. I didn't feel like the mask did anything for me other than smell nice. I also tried the body polish which is a sugar scrub with some oils in it. The scent I got was pink grapefruit and while it was nice at first, the scent really lingers after using the scrub and I didn't like the after smell. The scrub was also very hard to scoop out of the jar. It was dense and just packed in really well. I got a sample of their whipped body butter which had a nice vanilla-orange scent but it was way too greasy for my skin. Nothing like Sensaria's body butters! They also included a Pink Shimmer lip balm but it was very sweet and it seemed to just sit on top of my lips. My 3 year old daughter loved it so guess who has it now? This line was very inexpensive and great for anyone looking for a line that is really natural. This wasn't a line for me but lots of Sensaria gals did like it so maybe if you are into the all natural thing then it could be for you too?

Now on to my adventures at the mall with some friends!


stecirose August 24, 2011 5:37 AM  

Have you tried color me beautiful?they carry 5 different lines,spa products make up and even fragrances and the price is very reasonable.They have been around for a very long time and commission is great.If interested i can send you samples.visit my site at www.colormedirect.com/exoticbeauty

Monica August 24, 2011 12:35 PM  

I am not interested on trying any more lines. I am pretty happy with what I am using but if anyone loves their body wash or lotion then let me know about it!

Anonymous August 28, 2011 7:42 AM  

The mineral makeup Lemongrass offers, Sheer Minerals, is fantastic! I was using Bare Escentuals and didn't realize until about 6 months ago that it was causing my skin to break out. A week after switching over to Sheer Minerals it was gone :) Also, the nail balm has really improved the strength of my nails and cuticles

Regan K August 30, 2011 5:10 AM  

Have you tried Arbonne? I am a rep, and would be happy to send you some samples. After 30 years, we are consistently growing. Training is top-notch and products are pure, safe, and beneficial. Drop me a line: arbonne@centurylink.net

Thank you. ~ Regan

Monica August 30, 2011 10:37 PM  

Regan, I have tried some of Arbonne's products in the past and did not care for them. Thank you very much for your offer but I really am done looking for now. :)


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